How to Use Anki for MCAT Prep?

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Learn how to use Anki for MCAT prep! Anki's spaced repetition helps you memorize and recall vast amounts of information efficiently.

What is Anki?  Anki is a free flashcard app that uses spaced repetition, showing cards you struggle with more frequently.

Create custom Anki decks for MCAT subjects or download pre-made decks from sources like Reddit for efficient study sessions.

Use Anki daily to learn new material and review past content. Consistent use maximizes memory retention and comprehension.

Anki's time-saving efficiency helps you focus on challenging material, gradually increasing review intervals for mastered content.

Review Anki decks on the go with the Anki mobile app. Study during spare moments to reinforce learning anywhere, anytime.

Anki is perfect for memorizing MCAT subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, and psych/soc terms and concepts.

Make sure your Anki flashcards are specific. Break down large chunks of information into smaller, manageable pieces.

Remember, Anki aids memorization, but practice applying knowledge through MCAT practice questions and exams for best results.

Utilize Anki features like tags, media embedding, and synchronization across devices to customize and enhance your study experience.

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