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Is there Math on the MCAT?

Understanding MCAT Math

Is there math on the MCAT? Yes, but fear not! It's mostly conceptual, covering arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry.

Key MCAT Math  Topics

Discover the essential MCAT math topics: arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry. No calculus, just fundamental concepts.

MCAT Math Tricks

Maximize your MCAT math performance with these tricks: practice without a calculator, be reasonably accurate, and always pace yourself.

Quick Calculation Example

Speed matters! Learn to approximate calculations swiftly. Example: 23.6 × 72.5, where approximations save time without sacrificing accuracy.

Pacing and Efficiency

Remember to pace yourself! Efficiently handle math-based problems without wasting time on convoluted calculations.

Math Review in MCAT Prep

MCAT Math Prep: Brush up on arithmetic, algebra, graphs, trigonometry, logarithms, basic statistics, research methods, and more. Ace the MCAT!

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