AAMC Core Competencies

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What are AAMC Core Competencies?

- Developed by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) - 17 competencies outlining skills, knowledge, and abilities - Key for evaluating med school applicants

Importance of AAMC  Core Competencies

- Vital for navigating medical school admissions - Enhances your application's competitiveness - Reflects qualities of an ideal medical school candidate

1. Commitment to Learning and Growth 2. Cultural Awareness 3. Cultural Humility 4. Empathy and Compassion 5. Ethical Responsibility to Self and Others

Professional Competencies

6. Interpersonal Skills 7. Oral Communication 8. Reliability and Dependability 9. Resilience and Adaptability 10. Service Orientation 11. Teamwork and Collaboration

Professional Competencies (Contd.)

12. Critical Thinking 13. Quantitative Reasoning 14. Scientific Inquiry 15. Written Communication

Thinking and Reasoning Competencies

16. Living Systems 17. Human Behavior

Science Competencies

How to Develop AAMC Core Competencies?

- Reflect on personal experiences and growth - Seek opportunities for skill development - Utilize resources like AAMC self-assessment worksheet

Demonstrating Core Competencies in Applications

- Primary Applications: Personal statements, extracurriculars, GPA, MCAT - Secondary Applications: Essays, elaborations on experiences - Medical School Interviews: Oral competency, professionalism

- Mastering AAMC Core Competencies is crucial for med school success - Reflect, develop, and showcase your competencies throughout your application journey

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