What to bring to MCAT?

Medic Mind

1. Valid Identification

Ensure a smooth start by having a valid ID issued by a government agency. If it expires before the test, get an updated one. Accepted IDs include a driver's license, passport, passport card, permanent resident card, or employment authorization document. Bring multiple IDs, just in case.

2. Food and Water

Stay fueled during breaks with water, healthy snacks, and a light lunch. Opt for familiar, brain-boosting foods like eggs, nuts, berries, and sandwiches. Avoid experimenting with new foods on test day. Keep it simple, and trust your body's needs.

2. Leave Extra Items at Home

Electronics, jewelry, and watches won't be allowed in the testing room. Personal items must be stowed away, so come prepared with only the essentials: ID, food, and water. Wear comfortable clothing for a focused and distraction-free exam.

What's Allowed in the Testing Room?

Only essential items are allowed in the testing room: Photo ID, center-provided noteboard, marker, storage key, foam earplugs, and eyeglasses (subject to inspection). Your belongings will be safely stored outside the room.

What's Allowed During Breaks?

Take advantage of breaks to rehydrate and refuel. The MCAT spans 7.5 hours, including breaks. Bring necessary items for medical reasons, but apply for accommodations in advance. Follow the provided schedule for optimal performance.

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