Can You Fail CASPer Test?


CASPer results are valid for a single admissions cycle and only for the specific program type for which the test was taken.

Validity of CASPer Results

You can take the CASPer test only once during an admissions cycle. If you apply for future cycles or different programs or in different countries/language, you'll need to retake the test.

Single Test Limitation

CASPer is not graded, and you won't receive any feedback on your performance. It assesses personal skills relative to the entire candidate pool, focusing on suitability for medical school.

No Grading or Feedback

CASPer is not a pass or fail test. There are no right or wrong answers; it emphasizes clear and effective responses within the provided timeframe.

Pass or Fail Concept

CASPer evaluates personal qualities and abilities relevant to the field, emphasizing critical thinking and interpersonal skills necessary for success in medicine.

Understanding the Assessment

Respond to CASPer questions clearly and effectively, showcasing your abilities and suitability for the medical program you're applying to.

Appropriate Test Response

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