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Thanks, Medic Mind - your tutoring increased my confidence in the CASPer sections. I got into my dream medical school!

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      1. CASPer Prep Strategies

        With our award-winning preparation strategies, you can maximize your capacity for retrieving information you have learnt!

      2. Exam Techniques

        With just 90 seconds per question, our timing techniques will ensure you keep calm on the exam day.

      3. Prepare for CASPer Test with our Tutors and get the highest score!
      4. Expert CASPer Mentors

        All of our tutors have scored in the top decile in the CASPer exam and are here to share their knowledge and expertise with you

      5. Personalized Teaching

        Our CASPer tutors will support you in your preparation journey with tailored study methods and advice.

      6. Regular Feedback

        You can be sure to track your progress and boost your confidence with regular feedback to show that you are improving over time.

      7. CASPer Online Materials

        We have a wealth of materials to support your revision, from video tutorials, question banks and revision notes - all written by our experts!


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        Don't be fooled by the common misconception that there is no way to prepare for CASPer. Due to the time constraint, you must write quickly and be prepared.

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        Our Tutors Are Extraordinary

        CASPer prep has become a commodity in recent years, with only minor score increases and generic study plans. We have different standards for ourselves. We emphasise personalized CASPer test prep strategies based on your specific requirements. They will provide you with:

        • Scenario-Specific Strategies
        • Expert Feedback
        • CASPer Score Improvement

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        Enrollment in any of our CASPer test prep packages includes a free consultation and first lesson. If you are dissatisfied after that, we will match you with another tutor before you begin your paid package hours, so don't worry!

        A Team Of Experts Committed To Your Success

        Our expert CASPer Tutors understand exactly what you'll face on exam day and what it takes to ace this exam. They will work with you to improve and speed up your critical thinking in order to avoid writer's block on the test day.

        • Practice using realistic simulations
        • Learn to gather all the facts
        • Figure out all the parties that are involved
        • Use feedback to progress

        Customized Study Plan

        We understand that each student is on a different page. Your CASPer tutor will design a study plan specifically for you.

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          Feedbacks from Our Students

          What do our CASPer Students say

          Ricky B

          I was so worried about taking the CASPer before I was introduced to my CASPer tutor. They took me though different techniques and practice scenarios and really helped to boost my confidence. Thanks!


          I loved that Ed took the time to find out my areas of weakness and make a personalized plan - it really helped me target the areas I was worried about

          Mandy P
          Top 15%

          I didn't have long to prepare for the CASPer and I felt like I was drowning! Ruby was so patient and took me through mock scenarios step by step and gave me feedback on how to improve.

          Zoe H

          I knew that the application process was competitive and I really wanted to do well in the CASPer. It's so different to the MCAT but the resources and help from my tutor really helped me prepare to take the test. Thank you!


          Fantastic customer support from end-to-end. You matched me with my perfect CASPer tutor!

          Poppy W

          I had done so many CASPer practice tests and I just couldn't manage to get all my thoughts don in the time limit. With the support of my Medic Mind tutor, they helped me to focus on what makes a good answer and how to summarize under pressure. I couldn't have done it without you!


          Henry was so friendly and worked with me to provide really personalized support

          Niki L

          My tutor was amazing! They helped me to formulate answers to mock scenarios and worked with me to focus on my weaknesses.

          Finn W

          Amazing resources, great advice. I can't rate Medic Mind highly enough!

          Samira N

          I cannot thank Medic Mind enough - their resources and expert advice from my tutor Amy helped me prepare for the CASPer and gain in confidence.

          Rayan N

          Really great resources for practicing the different skills needed on the CASPer exam!

          Vicky W

          As an anxious parent, it was great to receive feedback and advice on how to support my son when studying for the CASPer. Thank u!

          Amelia B
          Top 10%

          Thanks to Aleks for his calming presence and expert advice! His strategies and techniques for answering the different scenarios were invaluable when taking the CASPer!

          Miya H

          I was so nervous about taking the CASPer but Lea alleviated all my worries with her great advice and feedback on practice papers


          Thank you Medic Mind! Not only did you help me score 518 on the MCAT but I was able to split my tutoring hours and received amazing support for the CASPer too!

          Petra R

          I wish I had used Medic Mind sooner! Thank you for supporting me with my revision for the CASPer. Your resources and 1-1 tuition gave me so many techniques to ace the CASPer!

          Jane B

          Thank you Medic Mind for help my daughter Lizzy with her revision for the CASPer!

          Lars H

          Confidence was my biggest issue when revising for the CASPer. But with the help of Paige, I learnt strategies to help me answer the different scenarios

          Claire L

          I have only two words: simply amazing! Thank you Medic Mind!

          Bobbie G

          I cannot thank Ray enough - not only did he support me in strategies and techniques but he gave me advice on how to calm my nerves on exam day...and it worked!


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