CASPer test login

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Perform a System Requirements Check on Acuity Insights to ensure your webcam, browser, and internet meet Casper standards.

System Check

Complete the check in your intended test environment days before the scheduled Casper test.

Preparation is Key

Log in to your Acuity Insights account 30 minutes before the test. Be ready to start; the clock is ticking.

Timing is Crucial

Navigate to the testing page and await the countdown timer. The "Start" button will appear once the timer reaches zero.

Countdown Commences

Click the "Start" button promptly as you only have a 15-minute window to initiate the Casper test.

Swift Action Required

Missing the 15-minute mark? Reschedule to a future test date through your Acuity Insights account (if available).

Rescheduling Reminder

Optimize your Casper test experience with keywords like "casper test login" and "login casper" for seamless accessibility.

Efficient Access

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