CASPer Test Preparation Myths Debunking

Medic Mind

Evidence disproves CASPer's uncoachable nature; significant score improvement with preparation.

CASPer Can't Be Prepared For

Contradictory claims; coaching programs show substantial score improvements.

CASPer Doesn't Reflect Coaching Effects

False correlation; data disproves link between wealth and test preparation.

Wealth Correlates with CASPer Preparation

Questionable claims; doubts raised on validity of test administrators' statements.

Test Administrators' Claims Are Accurate

Inaccurate claims; study reveals significant score increase with preparation.

Preparation Doesn't Impact CASPer Scores

Test's correlation questioned; doubts raised about CASPer's relevance to job performance.

CASPer Reflects True On-the-Job Behavior

Unsupported claims; studies show test preparation's lack of link to socioeconomic bias.

Test Preparation Indicates Socioeconomic Bias

Contradictory to professional development; emphasis on self-improvement and preparation.

Being Yourself Means No Preparation

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