ERAS 2024 Changes

by Medic Mind

ERAS 2024 Updates Unveiled

- Discontinued Supplemental ERAS application - Limiting experiences to ten - Introducing impactful experiences and geographic preferences

Farewell to Supplemental ERAS Application

- Previously used for program signaling and geographic preferences - Now integrated into MyERAS for applicant convenience

Streamlined Experiences Section

- Maximum of ten experiences allowed - Highlight your top three meaningful experiences - Detailed descriptions for clarity and context

Embracing Impactful Experiences

- Showcase challenges overcome in your residency journey - Exhibit determination and problem-solving skills

Geographic Preferences and Program Signaling

- Indicate locational and setting preferences - Express interest in specific programs via MyERAS - Consider application strength when signaling programs

Prepare for ERAS Success

- Start early to perfect your application - Explore comprehensive Match packages for expert assistance

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