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All of the tutors were so helpful and it came across that they genuinely did care. It was well structured and I’m really glad that I did this course. I really learnt a lot and surprisingly enjoyed myself!

1250 star star star star star reviews

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      What Are The 3 Steps of the USMLE Exam?


      Step 1


      Step 2


      Step 3


      Applying scientific concepts to medicine

      The Step 1 exam is a one-day multiple-choice test, typically taken at the end of the second year of medical school. It tests candidates on their knowledge of scientific concepts such as biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, anatomy, and genetics.


      Clinical Knowledge

      The Step 2 Clinical Knowledge test is taken over one day and consists of multiple-choice questions. It is typically sat at the end of the fourth year of medical school. It tests candidates on their ability to apply clinical knowledge and skills to provide patient care.


      Final Examination

      Usually taken after the first year of residency, this two-day exam focuses on Foundations of Independent Practice (FIP) and Advanced Clinical Medicine (ACM). It is designed to assess whether students are ready to undertake independent responsibility for providing medical care to patients.


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        Tailored Tutors

        After you sign up and complete your consultation, we take into account everything you're looking for and find the best USMLE tutor for you. They all have:

        • Experience in 1-to-1 USMLE tutoring
        • Enthusiasm
        • 250+ USMLE Score
        • Proven Track Record of Success

        USMLE Study Plan

        Based on the time until your test, your USMLE aiming score, and your weak areas, the tutor will create a personalized USMLE preparation lesson plan for you. You will know what you are going to learn from each lesson and how can you catch up until the end of the plan.

        USMLE Preparation

        After having a clear learning path, all you have to do left is keep up the perseverance and effort, working hard with the tutor to gradually reach your dream goal. Our tutor has the ability and we guarantee to make your dream comes true

        • Improve your USMLE technique
        • Work on your weaker sections
        • Use feedback to progress

        Standardized Study Materials

        You will receive the most recent, best, and most relevant learning materials . The tutor will closely follow and assign homework to help you achieve your best score.

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          Let's take a look of what students are saying!

          Reviews from Medic Mind students

          4 days ago

          They give you useful tips, keep you up to date with any changes, and provide excellent tutoring 1-1 with experienced tutors, who are willing to push you beyond your limits so to achieve the best out of you. The lessons are well organised, structured, and engaging. They don’t miss a detail. The free live sessions they offer you compliments well with the tutoring, further consolidating your learning.

          Nelaxe Pragash
          5 Feb 2023

          The tutors were very helpful! The experience itself was very informative and well structured. I think it was very beneficial and allowed me to know what I had to work on.

          Siena Martin
          5 Feb 2023

          A fantastic opportunity to get hands on experience in a safe and comfortable environment! Feeling much more prepared than before. Thank you so much!

          29 Dec 2022

          Very good experience, tutors were informative and really helpful, highlighted how to make improvements very well and were very kind for the most part.


          The Medic Mind team have been an integral reason for me securing 4/4 offers. I booked 30 hours, which was a good amount for USMLE and used their great videos alongside.


          I had 6 hours of 1-1 with Medic Mind, which have been incredibly helpful. Everybody is friendly, knowledgeable and keen to help even if you are short for time.


          Really great and informative resources on USMLE exam!


          Learnt some useful skills for approaching USMLE. Good teaching style. Easy to follow the tutoring.


          The teacher was supportive and friendly when coordinating the USMLE session and helped in clearing any doubts about anything.


          It was informative and boosted my confidence ahead of my USMLE exam.


          Feeling much more confident about the USMLE


          Useful tips for the exam were given which made me feel more confident about sitting the USMLE. Highly reccommend.


          Absolutely inspiring! The help and advice given is nothing like you can find anywhere else.


          I hope that every one gets the chance to use Medic Mind and truly appreciate the immense support given. I feel very confident and sure of myself thanks to all the help I have been given. The exam is very stressful and I found myself very worried about the horror stories I had heard.


          Overall, the experience given to me has solidified my understanding it, and alleviated my worries via their guidance.


          The course I was given really boosted my confidence regarding the USMLE, as it informed me of numerous techniques on how to deductively choose answers for questions, guided me throughout the fundamentals of each section, and taught me how to prepare for this extremely important test


          Taught me good approaches to work out USMLE questions.


          Thank you so much for helping me out. Went from 60% confidence to 100% so thank you again. The USMLE techniques were unique which I could not find in my books.


          Following the first session the development and confidence in my daughter was amazing. Her scores increased rapidly and her test result was excellent. Thank you medic mind.


          Medic Mind were brilliant with my daughter who was struggling with her USMLE exam and did everything to help her, i really appreciated the regular progress checks. Thanks so much!!


          What I liked most was that they told her what to do outside of the lessons and gave homework which helped guide her revision.


          Everyone was really helpful and gave lots of support. Felt so confident in my USMLE exam and couldn’t have done it without their help!


          The lessons were super clear and they tailored them to my pace and focused on what I needed. Thank you!


          I was really pleased with the tutoring I received! I was very happy from the onset when speaking to Medic Mind. They provided a brilliant experience for my daughter and I cannot fault them at all.


          In terms of lessons they were very informative, flexible and well suited to my needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone applying to medicine at university!


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