CASPer Test Rules

Medic Mind

Unlocking the Casper Test: Essential Rules and Guidelines

- Open-response situational judgment test - Comprises 12 scenario-based sections - Includes video-based and written scenarios

Test Structure

- Random and jumbled presentation order - 30-second reflection period after each scenario - Three open-ended questions per scenario - Five minutes to type responses - No editing or revisiting responses allowed

Scoring Criteria

- Responses judged based on content, not grammar - Rated by diverse human raters - Scores automatically sent to selected programs

Mandatory vs. Optional Requirement

- Mandatory for some universities - Optional for others like Boston University and UMKC

Booking and Logistics

- Conducted by Altus Group - Book through TakeAltus website - Fee: $25 - Supported browsers: Firefox and Chrome

Test Preparation

- Familiarize with format and questions - Use Casper test prep resources - Review sample scenarios from Altus website

Benefits of Casper Test

- Acclimatises foreign-trained dentists to American workspace - Helps identify and overcome biases and prejudices - Enhances CV and professional perspective

Embrace the Challenge

- Casper test is a reliable assessment tool - Considered obligatory in many schools - Prepare diligently and approach with confidence

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