Acuity  Insights Assessments

by Medic Mind

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Understanding Acuity Insights

- Evaluating personal and professional skills - Assessments include CASPer, Snapshot, and Duet

Evolution from CASPer to Acuity Insights

- CASPer's transition to Altus Suite, then Acuity Insights - Developed to measure interpersonal skills for medical school applicants

Components of Acuity Insights

- CASPer: Situational judgment test evaluating non-academic attributes - Snapshot: Short video interview assessing motivation for medicine - Duet: Value-alignment assessment for US medical school applicants

Importance of Acuity Insights

- More than just academic grades for medical school admission - Provides insight into applicants' communication and empathy skills

Tailored Assessments for Each School

- Requirements vary among medical schools - Check each school's specific requirements on the Acuity Insights website

Preparing for Success with Acuity Insights

- Understand the purpose and format of each assessment - Practice answering situational and motivational questions effectively

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