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nursing code of ethics

Unveiling Nursing Ethics: ANA Code of Ethics

- ANA's Nursing Code of Ethics shapes nursing practice - Upholds standards of care, compassion, and integrity

Principles of ANA Code of Ethics

- Patient-Centered Care - Advocacy and Protection - Professional Integrity - Collaboration and Respect - Continuous Professional Development

Patient-Centered Care

- Nurse's primary commitment to patient's well-being - Provide compassionate, holistic care

Advocacy and Protection

- Advocate for patient rights, health, and safety - Safeguard confidentiality and autonomy

Professional Integrity

- Act with honesty, transparency, and accountability - Foster trust and integrity in professional interactions

Collaboration and Respect

- Collaborate with healthcare team - Respect diverse perspectives and promote inclusivity

Continuous Professional Development

- Commit to lifelong learning and competence - Stay informed about healthcare advancements

Florence Nightingale's Legacy

- Recite Florence Nightingale Pledge - Embrace principles of purity, faithfulness, and ethical practice

Incorporating Ethics into Practice

- Reflection on ethical dilemmas - Education on ANA Code of Ethics - Open communication and advocacy

Guided by Ethics, Inspired by Legacy

- ANA Code of Ethics and Florence Nightingale's principles shape nursing practice - Compass for providing exceptional, patient-centered care

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