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The NCLEX is a special exam that takes considerable preparation.
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We went over all sections and were given essential tips and skills to help us revise more effectively. Any problems we had were clearly addressed!

1250 star star star star star reviews

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        Written by our experts, the course materials provide the perfect complement to your studying. As well as sessions with your 1 on 1 NCLEX tutor, you can revise further with video tutorials, question banks, mock papers, and more!


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          We believe that a personal approach is best when it comes to teaching and learning. So when you sign-up for our NCLEX tutoring, we don't just give you a generic plan or focus on learning the content. We provide you with invaluable feedback and strategies that you can use on the NCLEX and beyond.

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          Award-Winning Strategies

          Our expert NCLEX tutors don't just teach to the test. They will support you in learning important preparation techniques so that you really understand and memorize the content in order to ace the NCLEX!

          Review Techniques

          In addition to studying the fundamentals from your nursing school courses, it's crucial to review materials from outside sources such as study guides and practise exams when getting ready for the NCLEX exam. To assist students in reviewing and solidifying their comprehension of the material, our NCLEX tutors provide practice problems, old exam papers, and other pertinent information.

          Maximize your NCLEX score

          Medic Mind tutors can aid students in their exam preparation by reviewing essential ideas, imparting study techniques, and offering practice exams or mock exams. Additionally, they can provide advice on time management, organisation, and efficient study methods to help you give your best performance throughout the exam.

          Regular Progress Feedback

          Our NCLEX tutors can look through your work, offer comments on how you're doing, and make ideas for improvement. You can use this feedback to determine what needs more attention and to direct your review efforts.

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            Our NCLEX Students



            Honestly this is the best NCLEX preparation course available. The whole group were so supportive and replied instantly, from Max to Mohil. The MCAT tutors were great too, especially Cathy and Steph.

            Sara S

            I had 6 hours with a 1 on 1 NCLEX tutor, which has been incredibly helpful. Everybody is friendly, knowledgeable and keen to help even if you are short for time.


            These have specific strategies that really improved my scores. Not only that, but it is very affordable (especially compared to the majority of courses for the NCLEX, which are heavily overpriced) and the price is for unlimited access to the courses.


            Really great and informative resources on NCLEX exam!


            Learnt some useful skills for approaching NCLEX. Good teaching style. Easy to follow the tutoring.


            The teacher was supportive and friendly when coordinating the NCLEX session and helped in clearing any doubts about anything.


            It gave important information on the NCLEX that I wouldn't know otherwise. I would like to pass on my thanks to Medic Mind!


            Really thorough teaching of all aspects of the NCLEX.


            Really clear explanations of how to do each section of the NCLEX with lots of example questions.


            It was informative and boosted my confidence ahead of my NCLEX exam.


            Feeling much more confident about the NCLEX


            Great! Gave good insight in to NCLEX very clearly explained.


            Useful tips for the exam were given which made me feel more confident about sitting the NCLEX. Highly reccommend.


            I thought the NCLEX course they have for offer was exceptionally beneficial, entailing towards students similar to me. The speaker spoke in a clear and considered way and projected their voice very well.

            Haider S

            The question sets were motivating and challenging, while still remaining similar to the real thing. In order to improve I would personally recommend spending more time on individual slides to give a better chance for mentees to make important notes.

            Gonn A

            Absolutely inspiring! The help and advice given is nothing like you can find anywhere else.

            Bhaskar R

            I hope that every one gets the chance to use medic mind and truly appreciate the immense support given. I feel very confident and sure of myself thanks to all the help I have been given. The exam is very stressful and I found myself very worried about the horror stories I had heard.


            The course I was given really boosted my confidence regarding the NCLEX, as it informed me of numerous techniques on how to deductively choose answers for questions, guided me throughout the fundamentals of each section, and taught me how to prepare for this extremely important test.

            Laura A

            Overall, the experience given to me has solidified my understanding it, and alleviated my worries via their guidance.


            My knowledge and determination has excelled as I am now comfortable with the problems surrounding the NCLEX, and have learned how to manage myself and the questions for when the time comes - a vital aspect.


            Taught me good approaches to work out NCLEX questions.

            Ahmad A

            Thank you so much for helping me out. Went from 60% confidence to 100% so thank you again.


            Really helpful for NCLEX prep


            The NCLEX session was a very informative session with very useful tips to help with my preparation for the test.


            The NCLEX session that was delivered was very helpful and gave many useful hints and tips with how to complete the different sections in the short amount of time given.


            Everyone was really helpful and gave lots of support. Felt so confident in my NCLEX exam and couldn’t have done it without their help!

            Krishan V

            The lessons were super clear and they tailored them to my pace and focused on what I needed. Thank you!

            Anushree Joshi

            Very helpful and informative crash course. Thank you!

            Sara T

            The thing that I liked most about it was that they know how to identify your weakest areas and provide constructive advice on how to improve.

            Heshan M

            The online 1 to 1 was helpful, tutors recommended me some great resources and went through each section clearly to help me prepare.


            I was struggling with speed but after the 1 to 1 NCLEX tutoring and the online course, I learned some really useful techniques to boost my speed and score.

            Sanjay J

            In terms of lessons they were very informative, flexible and well suited to my needs. I would highly recommend them!


            This is a good concept / idea for students who wish to practice more on their skills required for NCLEX.


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