NCLEX Registration: When, How To & Cost

Understanding NCLEX-RN Registration

Register for NCLEX after graduating from an accredited nursing program. Required documentation: transcript or nursing degree.

NCLEX-RN Exam Fees

Exam cost ranges from $200 to $400. Payment directly to NCSBN during registration.

How to Register

Create a Pearson VUE account. Schedule exam at a nearby testing center.

Deciding When to Take NCLEX

Consider personal schedule, study time, and testing center availability. Schedule when fully prepared.

Common NCLEX Registration Mistakes

Mistakes: waiting too long or scheduling too soon. Plan ahead, study, and schedule in advance.

Preparing for NCLEX

Follow a pre-planned study schedule. Utilize Lecturio's NCLEX Review Course for efficient preparation.

Additional Tips for NCLEX Registration

Early scheduling avoids date or center limitations. Prioritize adequate preparation time.

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