USMLE Pass / Fail


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USMLE Step 1 transitioned to a pass/fail reporting format starting from January 26, 2022, eliminating numeric scores. Step 2 CK and Step 3 continue to utilize the 3-digit score system.

Minimum Passing Scores

The current minimum passing scores are Step 1: pass/fail only, Step 2 CK: 214, and Step 3: 198. These scores are periodically reviewed and updated by the USMLE Management Committee.

Score Availability and Reporting

Test results are typically available 2-4 weeks after the examination. Examinees receive email notifications, and scores remain accessible on the respective organization's website for approximately 365 days.

Reporting Preferences and Privacy

Examinees can request that their results not be reported to their medical school or third parties by notifying the appropriate organizations via email or interactive web applications.

Incomplete Scores and Scoring Process

Incomplete exams, where every block isn't opened, may not be scored. Additionally, the USMLE program doesn't provide scores or outcomes via phone, email, or fax for privacy and security reasons.

USMLE Score Reporting Restrictions

The USMLE program ensures confidentiality in reporting and data usage for research purposes, with individual examinees not identifiable in any publication. Scoring processes aren't expedited for any individual or group.

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